Serenade Series – The Blackberry Issue

NOTICE: ‘Serenade Series – The Blackberry Issue’ was published and put on sale before our rebrand to Amongst The Flour. Our previous brand name, Rhythm & Green, is the name in which this book is published by. Your purchase will not be affected by this change. Thank you.

Welcome to Rhythm & Green’s first official magazine! We decided to kick off our serenade series with our fruit of the summer: The humble blackberry.

Making itself very much at home across the country, it’s not uncommon to find a hedgerow or two of blackberries. Seen mostly as a nuisance, or a weed, the blackberry itself is a beautiful fruit (even considering its thorny acquaintance the bramble).

Here at Rhythm & Green, we simple can’t get enough of them! We are blessed where we are to have access to a gigantic blackberry grove at the end of the garden, and for us, this means going out to pick fresh blackberries every single day! That way, we can make the most of these gorgeous fruits – using them up now and preserving them to enjoy in the colder months of winter!

These whimsical little fruits can prove a bit tricky to harvest without achieving the occasional scratch here and there, but the trials and tribulations are totally worth it! This year, we’ve really been experimenting in the kitchen with all our blackberries and we wanted to share some of our recipes with you!

So what can you expect to find?

Our magazine not only contains all-vegan and well-tested recipes, but also a guide on how to wash your blackberries, information on the history and nutrition of the blackberry, and our very own serenade to the humble blackberry. By purchasing our magazine, you’re not only supporting us as a small business, but also helping yourself to eat seasonally and make the most of the fruits of the summer! We want to help you to savor the produce of the summer in a multitude of different ways, as well as encourage and raise awareness on the importance of preservation. How rewarding will it be to open up a jar of delicious blackberries in bleak mid winter, the satisfaction from all of your hard work over the summer?!

Simply click HERE and we’ll direct you to our Etsy shop, where you can purchase your downloadable copy of The Blackberry Issue, the first magazine by Rhythm & Green and volume 1 of our Serenade Series. Enjoy!

Our Etsy Shop: rhythmandgreen

We want to thank you personally for choosing to support Rhythm & Green directly! We started this serenade series to celebrate the more underappreciated fruits of the seasons. This volume of our serenade series is for you and to help you make the most of the produce of the summer, throughout all the months of the year. Our gift to you to say thank you for all of your support over the past few months.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you! For each and every one of you who purchases and downloads this magazine, follows my website, and reads my blog posts. Thank you for following me on this journey.

I hope you enjoy the first official volume of our serenade series – celebrating the blackberry – and I hope that you find joy in these recipes. Please look forward to the next volume of our serenade series, and other ebooks that we are going to be working on – OUT NOW

Please let us know what you think of our magazine! We love receiving feedback and hearing all about what you’ve been up to. Tag us @amongsttheflour if you decide to share any of your creations on Instagram!

I hope the end of summer brings you bliss.

Katherine x

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