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It’s good to meet you! I’m Katherine, and I’m the creator behind this little platform. All the recipes you see here are inspired by the food and people I love. I try to live as seasonally and sustainably as I can, and that includes what goes on in the kitchen. My hope is to inspire curiosity with delicious food and confidence to try your hands at something a little different.

Hey, I’m Katherine!

All the recipes you see here are inspired by the food and people I love. For the last couple of years, I have been experimenting with plant-based foods in the kitchen, and decided to share some of my recipes along the way. I try to eat as seasonally and sustainably as I can, making sure to use produce only available in each season, and wasting as little food as possible. I’ve always had a love for cooking, especially baking sweet treats, and more often than not I’m spending half my day in the kitchen whipping up a storm, getting flour absolutely everywhere! I am not a tidy cook, let’s just say that. But out of all that mess, delicious dishes and goodies are created, so you can hardly complain!

I originally started blogging almost a year ago now, creating my first brand and website ‘rhythm and green’, a blog centred around simple living and seasonal recipes. I branched off from my beloved ‘rhythm and green’ however (she will always be my baby) to focus on plant based recipes. I’ve been passionate about the environment my entire life, and one of the best ways to make a difference is to change to a plant based diet, along with seasonal eating. I wanted to concentrate and raise awareness on not only the importance but the simplicity and excitement of using plants to cook with. I’ve been flexibly plant-based for around two years now and I decided I just had to share some of my creations. I spend my days now writing up sustainability articles, testing new recipes and photographing them, and just having a blast.

I grew up in a small village in the English countryside, surrounded by farms and fields and forests. A lot of my recipes come from the local foods that I loved in my childhood, but giving them a plant based twist. In the summer you can expect to see loads of recipes about fresh fruit, handpicked from some of the local farms. Autumn recipes are full of apples from the ancient tree in our garden, and good old vegetables grown right in my back yard too. There’s always something to be made with all of these local goodies, and it is my hope that these recipes inspire you to try new foods, but also to get out and growing your own produce too.

Have a question or suggestion about my content? I would absolutely love to hear from you! Contact me via this page and I’ll be sure to get back to you soon!

Katherine x

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