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Have a question for us? We’re all ears! If you have a question, request, or just want to get in contact, flick through the questions we frequently get asked to answer any queries, or contact us directly! We can’t wait to hear from you!

are you vegan?

I get asked this question a lot and the straight up answer is no. I don’t consider myself to be 100% vegan. I still wear the leather shoes and wool jumpers that I purchased before I changed my diet. I do, however, follow a plant based diet. I do not eat meat or dairy, at all. I do, however, have eggs and honey on occasion, but they have to be organic, local, free range, and ethically raised (as kind as possible, for both the animals and the planet). I’m all about flexibility – it’s okay to not be 100% vegan 100% of the time.

what about your recipes?

Although I myself am not 100% vegan, my recipes are! All recipes that we create here at Amongst The Flour have been created and developed free from all animal products such as meat, eggs, and dairy. We have, however, used honey in a couple of the recipes in our e-books ‘A Simple Christmas’ and ‘Serenade Series: Blackberry’, which we published before our rebranding. If you do not wish to use honey in any of these recipes, then all recipes where honey is used should provide you with an alternative, or you can swap the honey for your own preferred alternative. Here at Amongst The Flour we are all about understanding that all vegans are different. As well as all out recipes being vegan, we also invest in seasonal eating.

what is seasonal eating?

Seasonal eating is about buying and consuming fruits and vegetables that are currently growing. Everything has its own season, and each month has its own fruits. Noticing this makes each time of year more exciting as it makes times when certain produce are in season a lot more special. I find more happiness in each month by embracing what those months have to offer (and this is often more than you realise). I’m a foodie all day and since making a change to eating more seasonally, I’ve genuinely found that I get so much more enjoyment from the food I’ve eating and that each month really does provide us with new fruits. No longer am I buying my favourite things out of season, but rather making the most of when they are in season and preserving them so that I can enjoy them later in the year! This simple change has made a big difference into how I shop and eat.

how do I know what’s in season?

The easiest way to see what’s in season at each time of year is to visit your local farmer’s market or farm shop. Most small farm shops will only ever sell what is currently available, making it incredibly easy for us to eat more seasonally. Check that it’s organic too! Buying local produce also means we can rest assured that our fruits and vegetables haven’t been imported from somewhere else, easing our minds and reducing our carbon footprints (if you would like to learn more about carbon footprints and climate change, you can visit THIS WEBSITE for resources that help you to better your understanding of climate change).

why is organic so important?

Buying and growing organic food is really important to me, for a multitude of different reasons! Organic is better for you and the planet! Non-organic food is grown using harmful chemical fertilisers and pesticides. I don’t want to be eating that, but I also don’t want the environment to be damaged by them either! To learn more about the importance of buying and growing organic, check out THIS blog post, all about sustainable food.

what’s your favourite ingredient/food?

Peanut butter. No doubt about it. Obviously, I make sure my peanut butter is organic and 100% made of peanuts (no added ingredients please). I probably eat peanut butter every day, it’s a staple for me. I do also LOVE fruits too thought. I think bananas, blueberries, oranges, and watermelon are all tied at the top, I can’t pick between them. In terms of cooking, however, my all time go-to must-have ingredient would probably be soy sauce (like, proper soy sauce). I use it in everything. It’s my favourite way to salt/season my dishes whilst also adding a really rich and earthy flavour to my foods.

where can I find your ebooks? are you going to write any more?

You can find my ebooks by visiting our SHOP or by going straight to our ETSY where you’ll find not only our ebooks on offer but a couple more handcrafted goods too (curtesy of my gifted mum).

Am I going to write any more ebooks? ABSOLUTELY YES! I am currently working on a couple of ebooks, one of which I am working towards publishing this year, so stick around! I’m certain you won’t be disappointed (and don’t worry – it’ll be plant based too)!

how do you take your photographs?

To take my photographs, I use a Canon EOS 60D camera with an EFS 18-135mm lens. All of my photographs are taken in natural lighting (which in the winter means cooking dinner in the morning) and I use old wooden planks which I upgraded and painted myself for my backgrounds/faux tabletops. I use a basic editing software which was pre-installed on my computer, or Lightroom if I’m editing on my phone. Most of the inspiration for styling and set-up comes from Pinterest. Apart from all of that I just play around with different angles and set-ups, taking somewhere between 50-200 photos of the recipe I’m currently working on until I find some shots that I’m happy with.

can I use your photos/recipes/articles elsewhere?

Please do not use any of my photographs or content without my permission.

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